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Welcome to the endeavor of education that believes in the cognitive and intellectual development of the child. The primary years of life are actually the backbone formation in the development of a person. Besides the home, the first school is crucial in shaping the identity of the individual. At D.Y.D. World School, we strongly believe that each child is divine and special.

MRS.Shweta Dode

B.Sc. , B.A. ,B.Ed. , D.H.M. , D.S.M. , C.M.
Chairperson M.S.P.M

In other words, each child is a gem but only at the proper place, it can shine. We serve to make each one a gem - a polished diamond and we have no discriminations. With our strong views of liberty, equality and social harmony, we strive for intellectual, social and spiritual wisdom and knowledge. In this global era, India is a country with enormous knowledge since ancient ages. We strive to give our students the extra experience of its deep-rooted philosophy and cultural heritage. The environs of our institute are itself a testimony that knowledge and values bloom and express so beautifully here. It’s not just a school, it’s an experience of a lifetime and the wholesome learning will become the identity of students. We do not impart just knowledge here but help students grow as happy individuals. As a chairperson of an ICSE school in Mulund, it’s my ultra-pleasure to be able to serve into polishing the gems of our future!

Both as a teacher and the chairperson of an educational institution, it is always the spark in the eyes of my students that has elated me. I am extremely honored and humbled that my contributions have been appreciated by conferring upon me these awards.....

1 Adarsh Shikshak Puraskar 2007
2 Krantisurya Mahatma Phule Smaj Bhushan Puraskar 2008
3 Unayan Puraskar 2010
4 Kartabgar Mahila Puraskar 2014
5 Adarsh Shikshika Puraskar 2014
6 Swayam Siddha Puraskar 2017
7 Best Educationist Award 2019
8 Mahila Ratna Puraskar 2020