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  • To develop the student in all field so as to help them emerge as a full-fledged responsible citizens.
  • To inculcate in them the basic values of love, respect and discipline.
  • To nurture them into becoming successful citizens and facing todays millennium without difficulty.
  • To bring about a sense of religious tolerance in order to bring harmony.
  • To learn to adjust and adapt to any unforeseen situation which they are faced with.


  • In line with the principle and ideas of Mulund Shikshan Prasarak Mandal D.Y.D. World School, seeks to create affordable, sustainable and quality education for the community.


  • Our motto ‘enlighten excellence’ is with keeping in mind with the requirements of today’s child living in the new millennium. We believe not only in the all-round development of the child but we also believe in instructing ,informing shedding light on, giving light to, freeing them from prejudice of superstition and hence by doing this we would like them to reach the height of excellence. By excellence we mean being the best and surpassing merit.