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Being the first ICSE school in Mulund, we are already equipped with state of the art labs. Designed and developed to focus on experiential learning, our labs produce innovative students.

Biology Lab:-

A well-equipped, commodious lab enriched with models and charts help to understand the anatomy of species. With high sensitive microscope, students get a live experience of grafting chromatography germination and dissection of plants and vegetables.

Chemistry Lab:-

A well ventilated, capacious chemistry lab is equipped with all modern amenities. The safety of our students is our first priority. Hence the lab consists of amenities like eye shower, water shower, and fire extinguishers. The well- trained staff attends the storage room for well-labeled chemicals and charts.

Physics Lab:-

An illuminious well-equipped physics lab is set to give practical exposure to students. The meticulous charts aid in the proficient working of students.